XandraCraft will be participating in raising money for the Child's Play Charity! From now until October 27th, 50% of the profit from all rank and item purchases will be donated to the Child's Play Charity. You are also encouraged to donate directly to them via the widget on the main page. 

Also, on October 25th, several members of the Xandra community will be doing a 24 hour live stream and fundraiser! Come check us out on my Twitch channel, twitch.tv/Billeh007! During the live stream, ALL proceeds from rank and item purchases will be going towards the Child's Play Charity!

In addition, all players who donate between now and the 27th will be entered in to win a mystery prize! Any amount will enter you in for the prize, but donating multiple times will not give you multiple entries for the contest.
[Donor] Coleminer500 That sounds awesome!! I'm in!
wcs_zack 100% with u meal
[Donor] Mealio That's it, Xandracraft best server ever. we win, gg.